Health Traditions with Bruce Bentley, Ten reasons to study with the Australian School of Traditional Thai Massage ...

Ten reasons to study with the Australian School of Traditional Thai Massage ...

  1. The Australian School of Traditional Thai Massage offers the most comprehensive and unique training in Thai massage available.
  2. Archival and in-the-field research undertaken in Thailand spanning more than 30 years.
  3. Innovative developments that revive lost arts and traditions.*
  4. Professional accreditation with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), the biggest complementary medicine association in Australia. Graduates will be registered in the category of Traditional Thai Massage and thereafter be known as Traditional Thai Massage Therapists.
  5. Official approval from Wat Pho Traditional Massage School, Thailand, for the entire Diploma program. This approval is especially significant because progressive developments in traditional Thai massage practice not taught in Thailand have been accepted for inclusion into this comprehensive Diploma course.
  6. Full professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance available on successful completion of the Diploma program for graduates working as TTM therapists.
  7. Inclusion of Thai culture and healthcare studies, and anthropological research into Thai supernaturalistic traditions.
  8. Extensive library - more than 200 books, theses, academic monographs, a large video and slide library with rare footage of practitioners, interviews, medical and cultural traditions in Thailand.
  9. Access further programs in traditional health studies. Our other programs include:
    • Traditional Burmese Massage
    • Traditional Cupping Workshops (Eastern and Western traditions)
    • External Injury Workshops
    • Gua Sha Days
  10. Summer School Intensive. The opportunity to complete the Diploma program in a one-month intensive.Since our focus on the Summer School, about one third of our student intake has been people who have already studied in Thailand and are working in the field, but decide to do our course on the strength of the program.

* The Australian School of Traditional Thai Massage revives the lost arts of early Wat Pho massage and Thai cupping, and integrates studies in Ayervedic, yoga therapy and shamanic traditions.
One interesting aspect of our research has confirmed that the practice of cupping has indeed been used traditionally in Thailand in the context of Thai massage therapy. After research and investigation, the ASTTM incorporates the cupping tradition into Thai massage, and includes practical training, video footage and interviews.

Testimonials ... from clients

Rather than student testimonials, we thought some authentic comments from people who were massaged during the supervised clinical practice sessions would be relevant:

"In a word, brilliant. I found that she felt my limitations with the stretches and the pressure, and made me feel comfortable the entire way through the treatment. Very intuitive to my needs. Best treatment I've ever had, even comparing to Thailand treatments."

"Totally professional. Her treatment was based on an excellent system of question/feedback and, given my many health problems, her work was confident and appropriate. I felt totally comfortable throughout and very relaxed."

"Perfect balance of stretch and relaxation. Best massage I've ever had."

"I feel much more alive, awake and happier since my Thai massage."

Cupping testimonials

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