Health Traditions with Bruce Bentley, Weekend workshops in Traditional Thai Massage

Weekend workshops in Traditional Thai Massage

Ancient sculpture depicting traditional massage

In two days this workshop will do more than introduce you to a 'taste' of the wonderful world of Traditional Thai Massage. In addition to appreciating some of the fascinating history and working concepts of TTM, you will spend most of the weekend learning the larger part of the ‘signature’ Australian School of Traditional Thai Massage style. In this we have brought together choice and exceptionally effective massage moves found no where else in any other massage styles. Massage techniques using the hands, elbows, forearms and feet are often combined with stretching the body, which is safe, great to receive and very therapeutic. Our signature TTM style will enable people to be practicing a routine that covers both prone and supine positions as a ‘full’ body routine. Of course there can be much more to learn about TTM - but in two days of steady and precise instruction that moves along without any dilly - dallying, you will leave on Sunday with a new mix of highly effective massage moves – many that will save your hands from strain and overwork. While we put these to work as a full body massage, each separate move can be used in association with other massage styles and techniques as well. Or, you may be required to single out and get specific for a certain problem area your client has. For example the work that we will get into to free up and relieve tightness throughout the shoulders and lower back and hips is exceptional. TTM can be applied at either the floor level or at the table. We will also devote two hours to an excellent introduction to Thai Foot Massage.

Payment for this workshop will be deducted from the cost of future diploma & certificate studies.


Here are some student comments following the recent '09 workshop in Melbourne:

'What a fantastic combination of massage, stretches and energy work. This has been an amazing experience and has wetted a new appetite for another way to help treat others and save the body. Thank you'. Anna K. (Massage therapist and yoga teacher)

"As a student of Western massage, I'm glad to have discovered Thai Massage early in my career. It has given me a new approach to massage". Leesa J.

"A great introduction to traditional Thai syle. I was nominated by work to attend because my boss wanted to bring in Thai massage to the practice. The workshop proved much much more interesting than I expected. Thanks"! Rosie

"Interesting weekend - Great to have a full routine with variations to use ready to use in practice". Tess A.

"Fantastic workshop - Thanks Bruce". Liz R.

"This course was very good for me. I enjoyed it very much" Moc T.

"Very useful. A different angle on existing skills and many useful re-inforcements. The workshop delivered many techniques as a sequence on the floor or table". Alex T.

"The workshop was comprehensive and fun. Enough information for a weekend". Sharon T.

"Great weekend, fantastic instruction and different from typical massage".  Janice P.

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