Health Traditions with Bruce Bentley, Diploma of Traditional Thai massage

Diploma of Traditional Thai massage


Thai MassageThe Diploma of Traditional Thai Massage consists of all studies within the Certificate course plus an additional 48 hours of study over 6 days for the Diploma Course.

As you will discover, the aim with all our Traditional Thai Massage courses -indeed all courses with Health Traditions - is to concentrate on practical hands-on learning. We do what we do best: provide the experience and knowledge necessary to produce the most qualified and confident practitioners.

First Aid, Liability Cover, National Accreditation and Associaton membership information for Traditional Thai Massage graduates.


The History of Traditional Thai Massage (2 hours).

Wat Pho Buddhist Temple Massage (Bangkok). This style is a contemporary system from a tradition that has been established for over 300 years. It is known as a Southern Thai form. We teach a style dating from the late 1980's that stands as the most interesting and comprehensive within our modern era (40 hours).

Thai Herbal Balm and Thai Steam Therapy. Learn how to choose the correct raw herbs and essential oils and make Thai balms, rubs and medicinal poultices to apply to the skin for increasinging the benefits of TTM. These are especially useful in treating aches and injuries. We also teach the herbs for steam treatments and how to construct a Thai herbal sauna (4 hours).

Mr Shan's Wat Pho Massage. Hailed by clients as a 'working meditation' on the body and the mind, this very gentle form of Traditional Thai Massage originated from the Wat Pho Buddhist Temple during the 1930s. As a young monk, Mr Shan studied massage there from the age of 15 to 21. When he was in his 80's, Bruce met Mr Shan, who was living in a small village on the Mekong River in North-Eastern Thailand and became his first student. This very sublime early Wat Pho style of Thai massage is exceptional for its ability to relax the body and calm the mind. At the ASTTM, we are the sole custodians of this unique link with the past. It is the earliest living Wat Pho Temple massage form still alive (16 hours).

Thai Cupping Massage. A unique combination of cupping therapy and massage only taught at the ASTTM. Cupping in the Thai medical tradition withdraws wind/lom from the body. You will learn to apply and leave the cups throughout the back, while massage is performed with light percussive strikes on points (jut) along the courseways of the arm and leg meridians (sen).  Working on these distal limbs in relation to the cups, interconnects the entire body and releases stress and tension and removes pathogenic blockages. This is a very rare practice and is performed in a half hour session (8 hours).

Northern Thai Massage Skills and Yoga Stretches. A combination of outstanding massage applications and point work  blended with gentle stretches for the treatment of headache, neck tightness and shoulder and upper back discomfort (5 hours).

Thai Feet and Point Therapy. Learn points and a sequence applied to the feet known as 'The Gates of the Wind' to release all the meridians, plus  some excellent Thai barefoot massage practices (5 hours).


The Health Traditions Signature Traditional Thai Massage. After more than twenty five years as the pioneer TTM school in the West, we have adopted some of the creme de la creme of what we have discovered after thirty five years of research throughout Thailand and what we have found out from our own years of practice and brought it all together as a unique full body blend of massage, soft tissue stretching and joint mobilisations (16 hours).

Thai Foot Massage. Famous around the world, Thai foot massage is the ultimate in concentrating on the lower limbs and feet to achieve health and relaxation. We've learnt from the best after many wonderful experiences in Thailand (8 hours).

Guest presenter Pranee Liamputtong Rice Ph.D. is a Thai born University lecturer in Cross-Cultural Anthropology who presents a talk and group discussion on "Traditional Thai Culture and Health Care" (2 hours)

Sen (Meridian) Pathways and Advanced Point Therapy. We explore Thai medical theory, the pathways of the 10 fundamental Sen and their relationships with the wellbeing of the body and mind; and the extra sen which are rarely featured in mainstream Thai massage. Diagnostic and practical hands-on treatment is the aim of this unit.  in addition students will receive advanced instruction on the location and application of many other therapeutic points throughout the body (12 hours).

Video and Slide Presentation. We do not take you back to the 'horror' of the 60's with our slide part of this unit..guaranteed! Instead enjoy watching exclusive video footage and shots of Thai practitioners in-action, finding herbs in jungles, Thai herbal instruction and trance based shamanic healers (2 hours).

Traditional Thai Heat Treatments. Thai hot stone therapy and the application of small terracotta pots (you can buy them in Australia) containing hot salt are ancient and indigenous practices used in tandem with Traditional Thai Massage to convey heat into the body and dispell coldness and ease pain and tightness. The methods you will learn - either moving them around the body or leaving them to pentrate the points and muscles - is especially effective in promoting blood circulation and opening energy pathways. We found these practices in remote parts - far away from the city hussle (2 hours).

Thai Yoga Therapy. A practical study of the Yoga/Ayurvedic foundations of the body stretching movements found in Traditional Thai Massage. You will learn yoga explanations for the application of these manouvres and a selection of easy postures that can be taught to clients as 'take-home' excercises to improve their health and target specific areas of the body in need of therapy (6 hours).

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