Health Traditions with Bruce Bentley, Chinese Massage

Chinese Massage

In ancient times, the Chinese discovered that pressure applied to specific points on the surface of the body would produce a therapeutic effect. These experiences led to the development of Acupressure. In association with Tuina (Chinese remedial massage therapy), this course will enable the practitioner to confidently treat a range of common musculo-skeletal and health disorders as well as soothe and harmonise the emotions. This knowledge and various practical skills will be blended progressively as the course proceeds - so each student can perform a unique one-hour full-body Chinese massage.

“This course delivered everything I have come to expect from Health Traditions - excellent notes, loads of fun and expert instruction with plenty of practise. I should know, I’ve done them all now.” - Sharlene Fritz, Remedial Massage Therapist

BACKGROUND: Bruce Bentley has a Diploma of Chinese Massage from the Kuan Yin Hospital (Taiwan) and a Post–Graduate Diploma in Acupressure conferred by Prof Wang Zao-Pu (China). Bruce was the senior instructor in Chinese Massage at the Australian School of Therapeutic Massage for 20 years and has taught Tuina (and cupping and gua sha) in the Chinese Medicine Department at Victoria University (Melbourne).

NB* Due to time constraints this course will not be running for 2009. Apologies.