Health Traditions with Bruce Bentley, Burmese Massage

Burmese Massage

The earliest anatomical illustrations drawn by the Burmese depict the muscles of the body shaped like circular spirals. So too, a similar circular pattern performed with the palms is a major characteristic of this form of Burmese massage.

The effect is immediately relaxing and is followed by a series of yoga-style stretching movements to lengthen the muscles and channels, release tension and invigorate the functioning of the organs.

Mr Jan SingkanLike the Thai styles, Burmese massage is traditionally performed with the receiver fully clothed, lying on a massage mat. Most of the movements can be adapted to table work in preferred.

Bruce studied Shan style Burmese massage in north-western Thailand in 1990 with Mr Jan Singkan (that's Jan on the right). On learning that traditional medical practice and practitioners in Burma had suffered severe government repression and persecution from the early 1960s till the late 80s, Bruce went to Burma in 1994 to survey the on-going difficult situation there and study with some masseurs who have continued with their traditional practices.

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NB* Due to time constraints, this course will not be running in 2009. Apologies. 

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