Health Traditions with Bruce Bentley, First Aid, Liability Cover, National Accreditation and Associaton membership information for Traditional Thai Massage graduates

First Aid, Liability Cover, National Accreditation and Associaton membership information for Traditional Thai Massage graduates

This information applies only to people who are not already practitioners, such as massge therapists. As with massage therapists, having already completed studies such as anatomy and physiology and first aid requirements, these components discussed below do not apply. As a massage therapist you can simply bring TTM into your practice by completing the ASSTM practical workshop, certificate or diploma training.

For students without formal accreditation as a therapist, the following information is important to read.

First Aid: It is essential that Certificate and Diploma students pass a Senior First Aid course to complete graduation requirements.  Our recommendation, if the location suits, is to enrol with Frances Bremner of Accredited First Aid Courses (Melbourne).

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Liabilty insurance Cover for Traditional Thai Massage Certificate and Diploma Graduates

After completing  the Certificate or Diploma course with the Australian School of Traditional Thai Massage, graduates can gain Liability Insurance cover with IHGroup insurers (Melbourne).

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Bonus: With liability cover you will be able to start practice in a confident and secure way. Having attained your hands-on skills and practices with us, you do not need to wait (unlike most other massage school students) to complete all additional studies before you can get started and begin earning money for your professional services. This means you can start practice, gain income, and be better placed to finance further studies if required. Please read below regarding Government Accreditation as a Massage Therapist.

Want to become Government Accredited?

The ASTTM has teamed up with Health Schools Australia (HSA), the highest standard distance education provider, to enable our Certificate and Diploma students to take a step further and earn - in addition to the Certificate or Diploma in Traditional Thai Massage – a Nationally Accredited Certificate IV in Massage Therapy or a Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy. The total hours earned learning hands-on Thai massage skills with us will be counted towards the hands-on massage requirements for Certificate IV or Diploma government accredited massage qualifications.

What are the Benefits of being a Government Accredited Massage Therapist?

  1. Receive a Certificate as a Government Accredited Massage Therapist.
  2. You qualify for some Health Fund Rebates.
  3. You have the opportunity for cheaper Liability Insurance.
  4. Greater industry recognition.

In addition you can then join either Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) or the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMTA).

Here's How It Works: At any time, either before, during or after Certificate or Diploma level studies in Traditional Thai Massage, you can enrol with Health Schools Australia and begin further studies, at your own pace, that are required to attain National Accreditation at the Certificate IV or Diploma level of Massage Therapy. All of your previous training and qualifications will be taken into account when applying for advanced standings (credits) for the Government Accredited courses The subjects that Health Schools Australia are able provide ASTTM students to meet government accreditation standards in Certificate IV Massage Therapy (HTL 40307) and the Diploma of Remedial massage (HTL 50307), as well as to join a professional association and qualify for health rebates with some health funds are:

  • Anatomy and Physiology (cost: $1010 for 120 hours)
  • Pathophysiology ($640 for 75 hrs)
  • Practice Management for Body Work ($640 for 200 hrs)
  • Ethics and Jurisprudence ($640 for 100 hrs)
  • Occupational Health and Safety ($450 for 60 hrs)

Total Cost = $3385

Bonus 1.Students undertaking studies with Health Schools Australia may be eligible for Australian Government  Centrelink assistance or TEAS programmes. You may also be eligible for the Governments $1158 Education Entry Payment as well as Austudy payments). Go to:

Bonus 2. After completing studies with the ASTTM you will be awarded either a Certificate or a Diploma in Traditional Thai Massage. If you go on to complete studies with Health Schools Australia you will receive an additional Certificate IV or Diploma of Massage Therapy (depending on the level of study you complete with them), and an extra certificate as a Government Accredited Massage Therapist.

Go to or contact Health Schools Australia for further information or assistance on 1800 074 004

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Some ASTTM students have previously completed studies in subjects such as Anatomy and Physiology or Practice Management and will therefore be considered for exemption or RPL.  Both the Australian School of Traditional Thai Massage and Health Schools Australia believe it is fair and just to recognize prior accomplishments and any other previous training or experience will be considered.