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Shirley demonstrating the application of rubber cups to the shoulders and back.

Modern Cupping Therapy


Our Modern Cupping Therapy workshop presents a new skills platform for cupping - specializing in Myofascial and Trigger Point Release and Mobilizing methods - that produce stunning results. These have been developed by Bruce and Shirley following years of clinical experience and research throughout more than a dozen countries as well as Bruce's engagement as a senior lecturer at the Australian School of Therapeutic Massage for 20 years. Nowhere else is this depth of experience and research available.

Now, you can introduce into your practice, a compliment of completely new techniques and a host of new applications for cupping by using a superior new range of non - flame cupping instruments. Now you can also cup in places you would never have dared before. Massage therapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and all other practitioners dealing with soft tissue/myofascial problems - including practitioners who perform mobile services or do corporate massage involving seated treatments - will find this workshop very informative and practical.

In the Modern Cupping Therapy workshop, specialist designed hand-blown cupping glasses with an attached pump, high quality Haci magnetic cups and flexible rubber cupping vessels, are used to extend your range of cupping options. Each one of these new applications is explained and demonstrated thoroughly, step by step, before students apply the sequences on each other in class.

The Modern Cupping Therapy Workshop is perfect for the therapist looking for a creative and effective new set of tools to make practice easier and get better results. This workshop will also bring to the fore, new palpatory skills to enhance your diagnostic knowledge.

Modern Cupping Therapy consists of the following studies:

Day One

Facial Cupping: Facial cupping uses miniature suction cups to relax the face and improve circulation, as well as to treat mild headache and clear sinus congestion. Our method is to apply the cups to the face while distal points have been activated with Haci magnetic cups. This provides a full therapeutic experience and gets the best results. For example, to relax and improve the condition of the skin, miniature cups lightly suctioning the skin & muscles of the face, have a very gentle, yet effective cleansing, tightening and rejuvenating effect. In this routine that takes about 10 - 15 minutes to perform, the face becomes very relaxed.  To make the effect even better, we also apply Haci magnetic cups to 4 acu-points on the legs, to benefit overall health and open meridian flow into the face.

Neck, Shoulder and Back Treatment: Using small cups specially designed for this area, this treatment is not only easy to perform but very effective in releasing all the muscles and soft tissues that have become tight and strained by either injury or stress. New designed rubber cups are also used in this protocol to afford myofascial release, by sliding two cups in opposite directions along the fibres of muscle to stretch and release tightness and holding. One practice has the client lying comfortably on their side to allow a full range of sliding cupping movements. For these areas affected by myofascial restrictions and trigger points, superb results in a short period of time are gained. Another method, which we teach in class, has the client lying prone and combines sliding cupping with flexible rubber cups, to release soreness and tension, followed by gentle massage. The combination of the two provide great relief and makes practice very easy.

Arm and Hand Rehabilitation: Cupping from the shoulder girdle downwards and throughout the arm, rehabilitates strain and overwork syndromes by promoting blood flow to clear the build-up of blockages. Together with sliding cups for myofascial release plus stationary cups on trigger points, we substitute massage methods for the uplifting and dispersing effect of Cupping. Furthermore, massage therapists can treat themselves as a regular self-maintenace practice.

Hip and Leg Cupping and Stretching Therapy: Using the flexible Rubber Cups to simulate light to deep tissue massage techniques throughout this large area of the body, makes it possible for the therapist to practice a new type of therapy. The Myofascial releasing effect of cupping throughout the hips and iliotibial band can bring remarkable benefits! We also explore a range of the most beneficial stretching manoeuvres to perform while the cups remain in place on target locations.

Day Two

Foot treatment: Cupping the feet and lower legs, by combining stationary and sliding methods with the flexible rubber cups, rids tension and fatigue by drawing out the pressures of everyday compression. The feeling after is like walking on air.

Detoxification Program: Cupping is a unique method for effectively drawing out toxins from both superficial and deep levels within the body. In this full-body treatment, we learn a complete body detoxification system.

Cellulite, Stretch Marks and Scar Clearing System: Cupping for 1. promoting blood circulation, improving elimination of tissue wastes and reducing Cellulite. 2. Reducing the appearance of Stretch Marks. 3. Softening and restoring integrity to Scar Tissue.

Abdominal Cupping Massage: The abdomen is the house of the digestion and elimination, as well as seat of many emotions. The Abdominal Cupping Massage uses acupressure points that have been known by the Chinese for thousands of years, in combination with Western massage movements, to ease and restore the mechanisms of this key region of the body.

Herbal Formulas and Carrier Oils: Types of oils that can be used as a medium when sliding cups, to increase the therapeutic benefit of treatment. In class we also apply these oils as carriers for specific Chinese herbal tinctures.

The following testimonial comes from our Modern Cupping Therapy course in held in Sydney, February 2011:

"A week prior to commencing studying with Bruce and Shirley, I had fallen from my mountain bike. The extent of the impact continued to compound over the following 7 days. Bruce kindly put me through the paces. Implementing a dynamic combination of cupping techniques and Chinese liniment, my movememt was restored to its pre-accident condition. I cannot fully describe the 'far reaching' effects and benefits after one treatment. It's almost incomprehensible the way in which the fascia was drawn, lifted and spread - indescribable. Feeling is believing." Danielle Kemp, Massage Therapist and Yoga Insructor


All Cupping Instruments are available for purchase at the Workshop or our online shop

Upon satisfactory completion of either of our Cupping Workshops, an atractive certificate of attendance is presented. In addition, upon satisfactory completion of our two cupping workshops, being the Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping and the Modern Cupping Therapy workshop - an ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN INTEGRATED CUPPING THERAPY will be awarded.

...and a few comments from our first Modern Cupping Therapy workshop held in Sydney (2009) were:

"I don't think I've ever spent one weekend learning so much in my life and I'm sure this will take my massage practice to the next level at the same time as saving my body from the stresses of extra work. It was amazing. Many Thanks. I'll be back for more." - Joanne Terrans (Sports Massage Therapist)

"I'd been waiting for this weekend to come, and I got so much more out of it than I even expected." - Scott Lamb (Shiatsu Therapist)

"As a current massage therapist for the first grade National Rugby League, as well as for International Cricket events including the recent Indian Premier League tournament in South Africa (by recommendation from Julia Russell/physiotherapist), I have always relied on the therapy 'traditions' that the sports industry practises. My favoured technique being Myofascial Release, is practical and effective but can be time consuming. The 'Modern Cupping Therapy' course, for me, reflected many parallels with MFR that are less time consuming and equally as effective...if not more!! Thank you Bruce and Shirley for opening the imagination and making things easier." - Rod Parry

Women who are pregnant should contact Bruce.