Health Traditions with Bruce Bentley, Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping

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Traditional East-West Cupping


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Examples of eastern and western cupping practices Traditional cupping

Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping


Upon satisfactory completion of the Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping and the Modern Cupping Workshop an ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN INTEGRATED CUPPING THERAPY will be awarded.

Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping

In the 3 day Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping, you will discover a whole world of traditional cupping using heated cupping methods - from the wonderfully therapeutic Russian Cupping Massge, to the diverse ways that the Chinese and Vietnamese apply cups to alleviate many forms of pain and discomfort. After completing this course you will confidently take a huge array of cupping practices directly into your clinic.

Ba Huo Guan, the chinese characters for cupping

Here is a brief description of what is covered:

Day One

A History of Cupping: A history of traditional Eastern and Western theories of health and the reasons why cupping is so effective.

Application of Cups: Learn the safest and most refined way of applying the flame method of cupping. You will be taught with meticulous care.

The Five Vacuum Levels: Varying the amount of suction to suit the physical and emotional condition of each client.

Cupping and massage for the shoulders and upper back: After focusing stationary cups on acu-points and trigger points throughout the upper back, we proceed with a Chinese meridian massage sequence throughout the hips and the legs to ground and balance the client and open the meridians distally to benefit the upper back condition. It is a comprehensive body treatment to reduce stress and tension, and gets better results than simply placing cups and leaving them.

Heated Cups and External Herbal Liniments: An adaption of the Medicinal Cupping Method practiced by the Chinese, is our method of warming and opening the surface of the body with cupping methods to facilitate a rapid uptake of injury and pain relieving herbal medicines. In class we concentrate on lower back problems and sciatica prone piriformis contracture.

Day Two

Chinese and Vietnamese Sliding and Stationary Cupping for treating Common Cold: A sequence of different cupping methods to systematically withdraw common cold from the body with the patient in a seated possition.

Scapula and Nape of the Neck treatments: For conditions ranging from muscle weakness due to chronic injury, to acute muscle tension, we learn to diagnose appropriately and treat according to the presenting condition.

Cupping Deficiency: We discuss and practice the techniques of diagnosis and the treatment application of cups as described in the recent essay "Cupping Deficiency". The focus is to identify sites of weakness and successfully restore strength and integrity to chronic soft tissue weakness.

Download Cupping Deficiency essay

Warm and Tonify Kidney Qi: For people who are fatigued with accompanying lower back weakness, coldness and instability. This treatment is superb for strengthening and restoring vitality.

Russian Cupping Massage: Learn the original deep and rejuvenating cupping massage using sliding cups throughout the entire back. This stand-out treatment was first developed centuries ago by the Russians and passed on to Bruce by Dr Lina Volidina, former Head of the Folk Medicine Department, Moscow University.

Day Three

Diagnosis made possible by Cupping Colourations: How to diagnostically interpret the marks that can occur at the skin surface when toxins and other pathogens are drawn from deeper levels of the body and present at the skin surface, where they then resolve from the body.

Greek and Lithuanian Cupping Practices for Pain and Post-Viral Symptoms: After a bout of common cold or influenza, some people suffer a persistent cough and an ongoing ache and heaviness within the chest. 'Blanketing' or thoroughly covering the upper back with cups by various applications has shown to withdraw these 'lingering pathogens' and quickly restore health.

Chinese Cupping to Harmonize Menstrual and Gynecological issues: Cupping specific Chinese acu-points can have a wonderful pain relieving effect on premenstrual syndromes by harmonizing the blood flow and rectifying other female imbalances. We also introduce a traditional Moroccan method for infertility based on the ability of cups to withdraw coldness from the uterus.

Cupping for Indigestion and minor Gastro-Intestinal problems: Cupping has a powerful and regulating effect for digestive and intestinal problems. We combine different techniques to harmonise these functions.

Some of the comments on the Master Class in East –West Cupping held in the USA in April, May and June of 2010 were:

"Bruce's experience & knowledge is immeasurable. His teaching style is captivating & the hands-on training is remarkable. His teaching will enlighten & transform you as a practitioner & your practice'. Dianna R Licenced Massage Therapist

"This class exceeded my expectations! Thanks for doing what you is greatly needed". Julie Sperry LMT

"Bruce - Great Workshop. Lots of information packed in. I'll be using these techniques this week. Thank you". Brian Moran. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and faculty member of the Jung Tao School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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