Health Traditions with Bruce Bentley, Master Class in Traditional East West Cupping and Modern Cupping Therapy in the USA in 2013

Master Class in Traditional East West Cupping and Modern Cupping Therapy in the USA in 2013

Continuing Education Units

All courses receive ongoing professional credits from the

  • National Certification Commisssion of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) for PDA points
  • National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) for CE points.
  • In late April through to early June 2013 , Bruce will be presenting:
  • the 3 day Master Class in Traditional East - West Cupping and
  • the 2 Modern Cupping Therapy Cupping course
In Hudson, for the first time in the USA we will be presenting the Gua Sha Day
The 5 day couses is designed as follows:

Day One: Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping


  • Introduction to the history and practices of Cupping, including traditional and scientific interpretations of the actions and benefits of vacuum treatment.
  • The safest and most refined way of applying cups.
  • Cupping treatment for the shoulders and upper back, focusing on Chinese acu-points. While the cups remain stationary, a Chinese massage sequence throughout the legs to ground and balance the client and open the meridians distally to benefit the local upper back condition is taught and practiced.
  • Chinese sliding cup treatment and Vietnamese multiple cupping for Common Cold.
  • Traditional Greek and Lithuanian treatments for Common Cold and post- viral syndromes.


Day Two:

  • Instruction in how to vary the suction level of the cups to be appropriate for the emotional and physical condition of the individual client.
  • Heating the cups and sliding methods for relaxing tight lower back muscles.
  • Flash cupping to restore strength to flaccid muscles that have been weakened by chronic injury.
  • Sliding, stretching and myofascial releasing with rubber cups throughout problem areas of the body to draw out muscle tightness and pain and restore integrity to chronic soft tissue trauma. We will also learn a special way of very effectively releasing and eliminating trigger points.
  • Tonification methods to the kidney acu-points to warm and strengthen the lower back and restore energy.


Day Three:


  • Q&A: including how to diagnostically interpret the colorations that occur when toxins and other pathogens are withdrawn from the body to the skin surface.
  • Russian Cupping Massage - learn the original cupping massage using sliding cups for the entire back & hip area. This technique is deep and rejuvenating, wonderful to receive and easy for the practitioner to achieve great results for stress relief and muscular tightness. It is especially effective for strong bodied people. This unique sequence was passed down to Bruce by Dr Lena Volodina, inaugural Head of the Folk Medicine Department at Moscow University.
  • Cupping for sports injuries including illio-tibial band contracture and compartment syndrome.
  • Scar, Cellulite and stretch-mark treatments.
  • Chinese cupping treatments for menstrual pain and gastro-intestinal discomforts.
  • External herbal applications in association with cupping


Day Four: Modern Cupping


  • Facial Cupping for benefit the complexion, mild headaches and sinus congestion.
  • Neck, Shoulder and Back Treatment:
  • Arm and Hand Rehabilitation:
  • Hip and Leg Cupping and Stretching Therapy:


Day Five:


  • Foot treatment:
  • Detoxification Program:
  • Cellulite, Stretch Marks and Scar Clearing System:
  • Abdominal Cupping Massage:
  • Herbal Formulas and Carrier Oils:


A very comprehensive workbook is provided with each course.

FAQ: Will the East – West Cupping Workshop be relevant for both traditional Chinese medical practitioners as well as massage therapists and other natural medicine practitioners?

A: For any therapist interested in Cupping therapy, this workshop will meticulously train each student by practical demonstration and group practice. The traditional theory and practices in the Western cupping traditions are remarkably consistent with Eastern medical cupping explanations and treatment conduct. These practices can easily be converted to Chinese diagnostic and practice protocols as well as from perspectives in Western based clinical practice.

Some of the comments from the Cupping Workshops conducted in Seattle in 2008 include:

'What I loved most about these workshops has been Bruce's ability to bridge Eastern & Western cupping perspectives seamlessly in his explanations & practices..wonderful classes!! Dr Kim U Lic Ac (USA)

'A fantastic class, wonderful presentation & incredible depth of information'. Corinne T LMT

'Bruce gives us what we've been missing in our training in Oriental Medicine with his practical & applicable approach to cupping'. Dr David E Lic Ac & LMT

'Bruce I appreciated your professional, thoughtful, intuitive & thorough coverage of cupping. It was a fabulous class! Lani W LMT

'Bruce's experience & knowledge is immeasurable. His teaching style is captivating & the hands-on training is remarkable. His teaching will enlighten & transform you as a practitioner & your practice'. Dianna R LMT

'Can't wait to integrate cupping into my practice - have so many more ideas about how to use this therapy. See you again in 2009'. Dr Andrea E Lic Ac & Herbalist

'Thanks for all the wonderful information at the workshops. They were so much fun & exactly what I was hoping for & what I needed'. Mary F-S LMT

Some of the written comments received from students who attended the 2010 Master Class in Traditional East - West Cupping were:

From the class in New York City:

"This was Hands-Down the best workshop I've ever taken. Bruce is truely a Master, is inspiring to watch and gives you the tools to find your own inner cupping Master". Shannon Kimberly Cravens LMT

"You have reignited my interest in cupping!. Thank you". Nola F LMT

"I absolutely LOOOOVVVED the class and certainly will use the treatments in practice". Barbara Lic Acupuncture practitioner

"This workshop was outstanding! I have learned more than I could have wished for. You are an incredible instructor and I can't wait to work with you again in the future! Jen Roth LMT

From Groton, Conneticut:

"My grateful thanks for your wonderful, generous presence in keeping my love of cupping alive. Your way of teaching reflects your desire that we excel and that our patients are restored to health and vitality. I look forward to your return to the States next year". Marilyn Holt LMT

"Why study with the rest when you can study with the best".

"As a Tuina practitioer, Bruce's class will revolutionize my practice".

"Thank ou for such an informative and practical workshop. I found it a treasure trove of of valuable gems. which I can help others with in my practice. You are a wonderful and expert teacher. Paula Mc Clure LMT

From Phoenix, Arizona:

"This was an incredible experience. I highly recommend Bruce's class to anyone wanting to to gain enormous knowledge and skill in a short period of time. Bruce's methods and knowledge is extraordinary. Loved every minute of it! Suzn Martinez LMT

"I was extremely impressed by Bruce's fun and methodical way of teaching cupping. I can't wait to take another and have already told my class mates to get on board This class will only make you a better practitioner and your client's will love you for it". Morgan Sill, Acupuncture student, Jung Tao School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

"Bruce is a treasure to study with. The information shared is practical and valuable". Andrea Jaye, Holistc Health Pracitioner

gt;One of the marks of a Master is the willingness to incorporate methods and continue research and to make it available to the busy practitioner. Thanks for so much". Dr Norman Shu TCM practitioner (New York City).

"I just became a better Bodyworker". Rachel Beth Dorfman Lic Ac and LMT

From Asheville, North Carolina:

"Bruce - Great Workshop. Lots of information packed in. I'll be using these techniques this week. Thank you". Brian Moran. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and faculty member of the Jung Tao School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

"Bruce - you have so many jewels to share with your students". Tracey McMahan LMT

"Bruce , you are indeed a Master and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from you". Lori Anderson LMT

"The workshop was wonderful. I enjoyed gaining the information that I need to better serve my clients. I really appreciate your time. It was a pleasure working with you". Tracey Shipp LMT

From Kansas City, Missouri:

"An amazing workshop! Great practical information". Stephanie Kamla LMT

"The workshop was awesome and life-changing. I'll remember it forever!". Linda LMT

From Portland, Oregon:

"This class exceeded my expectations! Thanks for doing what you is greatly needed". Julie Sperry LMT

"Thanks for bringing a wonderful blend of cupping techniques and information to the USA!!" The comfort and confidence with which you present the information is fabulous. This workshop was awesome. Bring on some more". Kate Catalino LMT

"Excellent class. Really expanded my knowledge, my excitement and my understanding of what cupping can do. Many Thanks". Tracey Burkholder LMT

"Bruce I so appreciate your expertise and vast knowledge base. It's exciting tp participate in the resurgence of this ancient art. Thank You!! Brenda Jacobs Jones LMT

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