Health Traditions offer courses in Cupping, Traditional Thai and Chinese Massage and Gua Sha.

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Cupping is a specialized method of treatment that requires expert instruction, backed by the kind of deep interest and decades of research and practice that inspired us to present the World's First Traditional Cupping (and Gua Sha) workshops. We are also the originators of cupping with modern non-flame for dealing with myofascial syndromes and other health issues including how to clear sinus congestion, relieve abdominal tension and clear scars, cellulite and stretchmarks - all made possible by a new generation of cupping instruments which we use exclusively in our Modern Cupping Therapy Workshop.

* Kit Laughlan, author and developer of Stretch Therapy said, "I think that cupping is uniquely positioned to directly affect the superficial fascia and is better at achieving a positive change than any other technique I currently know of. I thoroughly recommend Bruce's work".*

In Australia in 2016 we will again be conducting our 5 day courses in Cupping, which combines the Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping (3 days) followed by Modern Cupping Therapy (2 days). On these occasions, students can enrol in either course - or attend both, and gain an additional certificate titled an Advanced Certificate in Integrated Cupping Therapy - in recognition of the comprehensive knowledge and practice level achieved.

** In April, by invitation, Bruce will be in Tanzania, working with the Africa Integrated Medcine (AIM) project by instructing doctors and nurses in cupping and gua sha. These treatments will then be performed in a hospital and in outreach programmes to benefit poor communities. Join up at Health Traditions or Bruce Bentley Facebook to stay tuned for reports.

The Australian School of Traditional Thai Massage was the first to teach Traditional Thai Massage in the West and remains the only school outside Thailand to be recommended by the Wat Pho School of Traditional Thai Massage (Headquarters of TTM in Thailand).

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Bruce Bentley and Shirley Gabriel

Bruce BentleyBRUCE BENTLEY - Founder of Health Traditions has been a pioneer in Traditional Medicine for nearly 40 years. SHIRLEY GABRIEL is a Thai and therapeutic massage and cupping therapist.

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What people have said about our cupping courses:

"There is no doubt that Bruce Bentley is the foremost international expert on the history and practice of cupping". Steven Clavey, Editor of The Lantern: An International Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

"Bruce's vast knowledge on cupping is second to none and I highly recommend his courses". Heather Deller, official massage therapist for the Great Britain Olympic Cycling Team, US, T- Mobile, the Women¹s Professional Cycling Team and Chinese, Giant Bicycles, Women¹s Professional Cycling Team.

"Bruce is the Michelangelo of the Cupping Therapy world..Graphic practical presentations, infused with traditional and current practices are presented in a unique and structured yet relaxed atmosphere". Dr Yvonne O'Neal Allu DC, Dr Dom Perido MD and Dr Mark Perido TCM: Kansas City USA 2010

"This was an incredible experience. I highly recommend Bruce's class to anyone wanting to gain enormous knowledge and skill in a short time. Bruce's methods and knowledge are extraordinary. Loved every minute of it!" Suzn Martinez LMT (USA 2010)

"This is a wonderful class". Dr Mei Gong, Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital, Dept Of Traditional Chinese medicine and Kansas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (USA 2010)

"This was the best course I've taken in my 14 years of practice". Deborah Pacik Lic Ac (USA 2010)

"What I loved most about this workshop was Bruce's ability to bridge Eastern & Western cupping perspectives seamlessly in his explanations & practices..wonderful class!!"Dr Kim U Lic Ac (USA 2008)

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